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Yaoi/Slash (and sometimes M/F) Fanfiction Recommendations

Listing Only The Best

Fanfiction Recommendations
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List of Yaoi/Slash Fanfic Recommendations
Welcome To My Personal Rec Archive
Warnings: Some recommendations are linked to 18+ sites! Please read the rating before entering the site. This community also contains mostly homosexual pairings. If you don't like don't read.

As of 7/08/2013 this archive will now contain M/F pairings as well. It will no longer just be slash. Why? Because I don't like a much M/F pairings as I do slash so it's ridicules to have another community for like twenty entries. M/F pairings will have their own warning tag though because in this community M/F pairings are the ones that only a select few read. :)

All posts will contain the following.

Title: (with link to story)
Sequel: (if any)
Author: (with link to author page or e-mail)
Word Count: (Will include sequel. Sometimes it's a rough estimate)
Story Status:

My Thoughts: (not every entry will have this, but beware, some have spoilers to them! Also note, that just because the entry does not have it I don't favor another fanfic over it.)

G= Implied yaoi or pre-slash. There will be no kissing in these.
PG-13= Hugs and kisses, but nothing further.
R= Implied sex, blow jobs, hand jobs, frottage, undetailed sex, and violence not exclusive to fandom.
NC-17= Hardcore sex, excessive violence that involves rape or not exclusive to fandom.
Working The Tags List

Each rec will have at least one tag tell it's fandom and pairing, for examle, if I was recing a harry potter fanfiction and the pairing was Draco/Harry the tag will be listed as 'harry potter: draco/harry'

Only fandoms with 50+ recs will contain the following tags.

fandom: !complete
fandom: !incomplete

fandom: *rated g
fandom: *rated nc-17
fandom: *rated pg-13
fandom: *rated r

fandom: ~0-999
fandom: ~1000,9999
fandom: ~10000-49999
fandom: ~50000+

fandom: ~au
fandom: ~established relationship

The ~ symbol is the wordcount/warnings label. Word count will be the first four ~ symbols. After that will the warnings that can be found in a fic in the fandom. The very bottom of the list will also contain more ~ symbols. These 'crossovers/themes/etc.' labels apply to the whole archive and are not filtered to a particular fandom like the others.

1. ~theme: holiday
What's available...

~theme: christmas
~theme: halloween
~theme: thanksgiving
~theme: valentines

2. ~crossover
The ~crossover tag is the only tag given to those two+ fandom fics. There will be no warnings tag for them, nor will you find them by clicking on any other tag.

3. ~remake: fandom
This tag is for those lovely fics that take on another fandom's plot such as Titanic using the other fandoms characters. These are not considered crossovers because both the fandom's characters do not interact with each other.
List Of Warnings And What They Mean

List of all warnings that will appear on this site and what they mean. Updated 09-28-12
♥ adoption - legal or illegal adopt of a child
♥ amnesia - in which a character/s forgets who they are
♥ animal transformation - a character having to live as a animal for any amount of time.
♥ au - a major change to a fandom (such as no magic in Harry Potter)
♥ bdsm - includes all of the following bondage, discipline, d/s, s/m
♥ bestiality - sex with an animal or magical creature
♥ blood play - sex involving blood being a aphrodisiac including vampires
♥ bodyswitching - in which two/more characters switch bodies
♥ bondage - when one is bound during sexual activity
♥ bonding - when two/more characters are bound magically to one another
♥ bottom!(character) - in which the character is penetrated vaginally/anally
♥ breath play - in which a character/s is made to suffocate during sex
♥ broomstick play - sexual play with a broomstick (exclusive to Harry Potter)
♥ character death - death of a main character/s
♥ child abuse - sexual/mental/physical abuse of a child/underage teen
♥ creature!(character)- in which a character is born or made into a creature for life
♥ crossdressing - a male character dressing as a female
♥ d/s - Dominate/Submissive sexual play between two/more males
♥ dark!(character) - in which a character is made evil or bad unlike how they are depicted in the original fandom.
♥ demon!(character) - in which the character become or is born a demon unlike in the original fandom
♥ dialog only - in which all or most of the fiction is dialog/texting/writing form
♥ discipline - in which a character is punished by their partner/s during sex in a sexual manner
♥ double penetration - when two male characters anally penetrate another male
♥ dubious consent - doubful/hesitate/incapacitated consent. It is not quit rape, but could be defined as a grey area between consent and rape
♥ established relationship - where the main pairing is already involved in a relationship before the beginning of the fic
♥ feltching - where one/more characters lick/suck cum out of the vagina/anus of another character
♥ first time - in which a character/s enters into a sexual relationship with another character/s for the first time
♥ fisting - where another character inserts their fist/makes a fist inside the vagina/anus of another character
♥ food play - sexual play involving food
♥ fuck-or-die - in which the characters have to have sex or die
♥ genderbending - in which a character/s temporary or permanently transforms into the opposite sex
♥ glory holes - a hole in which a character inserts their penis into the hole and another character preforms oral on the other side.
♥ gun play - in which a character/s uses a gun in a sexual manner or to invoke sexual feelings
♥ hermaphrodite - in which a character is both male and female
♥ john learns about wincest - in which John from Supernatural learn that his sons are in a relationship
♥ knife play - in which a character/s uses a knife in a sexual manner or to invoke sexual feelings
♥ marriage - in which two or more male characters get married through legal ceremony or legal papers. (Bonding is separate from this)
♥ m/f sex - in which a character/s indulges in heterosexual sex
♥ mirror world - plot takes place in the mirror universe (exclusive to Star Trek)
♥ mpreg - male pregnancy
♥ one-sided love - in which the feelings of one character/s is not shared by another character/s
♥ orgasm control - in which a character/s controls the orgasm of themselves or another character/s
♥ partner betrayal - one/both characters cheats.
♥ phone sex - in which two or more characters interact sexually over the phone
♥ pre-series - plot set before beginning of original fandom
♥ pre-slash - plot set before the development of slash/yaoi
♥ polyjuice sex - a character/s uses polyjuice during sex (exclusive to Harry Potter)
♥ pon farr - plot set in which a Vulcan enters pon farr (exclusive to Star Trek)
♥ possessive!(character) - in which a character is possessive of another character/s
♥ post-series - plot set after end of original fandom
♥ potion induced sex - in which a character/s uses a potion to induce the sex drive
♥ rape - character/s are sexually assulted
♥ reboot world - in which the plot takes place in the remake universe of the original fandom (exclusive to Star Trek)
♥ rimming - a character/s licks/sucks the anus of another male or female
♥ role play - in which a character/s plays a role during sex
♥ s/m - sadistic/masochistic (someone who likes causing pain/someone who likes to feel pain)
♥ self harm - in which a character hurts themselves
♥ self insert - in which you the reader are the character you are reading about
♥ severitus - in which Severus Snape and Harry Potter are father and son and in a incestuous relationship (exclusive to Harry Potter)
♥ sex pollen - in which a pollen like substance induces sex
♥ snowballing - a character that shares the other character/s semen orally
♥ spank - a character/s who spanks another character during sex
♥ tentacle sex - in which one/more characters have tentacles and uses them for sexual perposes
♥ time travel - in which a character/s travels to another time
♥ top!(character) - in which the character penetrates another character/s sexually
♥ tos world - in which the plot takes place in the original/first series of a multitude of similar fandoms (exclusive to Star Trek)
♥ toys - objects used for sexual purpose
♥ underage - in which a character under the legal age is sexually active with another character (can be rape, dubious, or consensual)
♥ versatile - in which the character penetrates and is penetrated by another character/s sexually
♥ voyeurism - a character/s watching another character/s masturbate or have sex
♥ wand play - in which a character/s uses a wand as a toy during sex (exclusive to Harry Potter)

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